Wernets Ultra Denture Fixative Powder 40g Pack (N)

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Wernets Ultra Denture Fixative Powder 

Wernets is a denture adhesive powder that has been recommended by dentists for over 25 years. It combines two denture adhesive ingredients – one for holding the dentures, the other to help cushion the dentures more securely and comfortably. Poligrip Wernets gives a stronger, longer lasting hold providing you with confidence and control. This ideal formula also helps prevent irritating food particles from getting under your plate.
1. Clean dentures thoroughly and leave wet.
2. Sprinkle powder very lightly and evenly onto denture surfaces coming into contact with gums or roof of mouth.
3. Thoroughly shake off any excess powder.
4. Press dentures into place, hold firmly and bite down for a few seconds to secure hold.
1. Swish mouth with water.
2. Slowly remove denture using a rocking motion.
3. Wipe fixative residue from denture and mouth with a soft, moist cloth.
4. Use denture cleansing tablets to thoroughly clean your denture and then rinse with water.
Wait several minutes before eating or drinking.
Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. If you experience an allergic reaction or discomfort, discontinue immediately.