Woodwards Gripe Water 150ml (A)

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Woodward's Gripe Water 150ml

Woodward's Gripe Water contains oil of Dill herb and Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate and brings relief of wind and gripe. Dill Oil warms and relaxes the tummy, breaking down trapped air bubbles. Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate neutralises acid in the baby's tummy. The results are usually a resounding burp. 

Category: Infants and Babies, Antacids and Gastrointestinal

Manufacturer: RB UK

Symptomatic relief of the distress associated with wind in infants up to 1 year old.


  • Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate 52.5mg
  • Dill Seed Oil, Terpeneless 2.3mg

Babies 6 months-1 year: 10ml. 1-6 months: 5ml. Under 1 month: not to be given. May be given during or after each feed or up to 6 times in 24 hours.